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Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
EXACT same thing happened to me. Take it back to those fucking idiots..

I've had my bumper repainted on my AW b/c the previous owner had mounted some sort of weird front bumper plate and there were like 9 screw holes in the bumper... which the dealer deceitfully tried to cover up w/ a dealer plate/tag.

When I removed it after signing the papers, I said no no and they offered to paint it for me.

The dealership bodyship painted it Mineral White or something like that, which looks like your car, because it had pearl in it.

I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it parked inside the service bay.. In the dark I would have noticed it was the wrong color. I made my SA and the Service Manager feel so stupid that it was handled immediately.

I also switched dealerships immediately after.

Either they completely don't care or are just that stupid.. I would just try to involve yourself as much as possible during the process to oversee the repair.
Ill try to oversee it. Thanks.