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Drew you may be right but you gotta look at it from my point of view. Tell me that's not a little weird that two separate guys, who knew exactly what we were going to be doing, all
Of the sudden decide not too? Why even drive out lol. I think that did frustrate me some because the first time my buddies were like what the hell, that's weird. Second time they thought I was screwing with em now. I don't know how else a person can interpret this "meet up and do some fun comparison runs against my M3, my buddies bolt on cts-v and my buddies modded Z06" (obviously I'm not gonna post the usernames). If you don't know what your getting yourself into after reading that you shouldn't bother having a supercharged M haha. As far as joes run, like I said, it was all hearsay. I didn't here it from Joe, I heard it through a friend that was there. Nuff said. But damn man, if I have to freaking skip work or a trip to make one of these events just to run an ESS car by god ill do it! Hahaha