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Would you let a bodyshop rapaint a part if they didn't do it right?

Long story short I got a new bumper after someone hit me and a recomended body shop by bmw painted it completely wrong. I told my insurance and they told me theres nothing they can do because its not a guaranteed shop by them and they said that they talked to them and now they want to repaint it. I also told bmw and they also said they would talk to the bodyshop.

So right now I have two options.
1. I can go and get it repainted for free at the same bodyshop (but i dont trust them)

2. I can go to another body shop that said they can get it right but I have to pay $300 for them to test to get the paint right and probably another $300 to get them to paint it. Then more for the clear bra.

What do you guys think? What would you do? The manager at the first body shop sounded nice and said that he would do anything for them to satisfy their customers especially from BMW. If I chose 2 should I get lawyers involved after the painting is done?

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