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Originally Posted by JMK007 View Post
I think you may be right on Option 1 but I'm not certain. It appears a 328i with an intake manifold (stage 3), BBK, and LSD would be close to an e36 M3 and I would still have extra points for other things (especially if I lighten in up by at least 150 lbs). However, that is not a cheap set of upgrades. I would probably need to go with light weight seats to get the weight close.
To be the most competitive in TT or PT classes, Id opt for the option Dyno reclass.

The way my car was sitting without a dyno reclass, I has 211 whp at +18 points and 2850 base weight. At my current reclass - TTC base class, 215whp, 2770 lbs, I was able to shave 70 lbs, and gain 3 points back. I competed at nationals at TTC +17.

The idea of TT and PT is actually to dyno reclass at higher levels - which makes sense because at a national race, they can throw you on the dyno to see if you're compliant vs. having you tear the motor down in the tech shed to prove all your internals are legal.