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Originally Posted by Maximusdafarmer View Post
Haha I think you misunderstood what I meant. I know you had your headlights off, what I meant was when you have your DRL's on only, which for us is angel eyes, your taillights are off. I would think this is much more noticeable to a cop than DRL's versus headlights, since there is nothing on at all back there. So I was basically just wondering out loud if you coded your tails to be on while the DRL's are on, if you might be able to run around like that at dawn or dusk. I imagine middle of the night you are gonna get pulled over regardless, since as you said I am sure most cops know there should be a headlight coming on inside those rings.
Damm no shit! I didn't know about that! Our taillights are off when we r on DRL's? Hmm. But he didn't say anything about taillights cuz he was on the opposite direction while I was driving. I am pretty sure BPM can do the coding. get in touch with THE TECH. He should know about this coding.