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Originally Posted by Maximusdafarmer View Post
Were you pulled over because the cop knew you didnt have your full headlights on or because your tails were off? I have been wondering if you could code it so when you were just running the angel eyes, i.e. headlights off, your tails would turn on... would at least let you drive around around dusk/ dawn that way.

I dont know.. just an idle thought. I often want to just run the angels when it is dusk and im driving downtown, plenty of light, just dont want to get nailed because of the taillights haha
Lol. Not taillights man. Headlights. I didn't turn them on. I mean cops know there's a light that comes out of those angel eyes. I think they have seen enough BMW's. I can still drive around at dawn time. These days I go until 5:30 and then turn on the lights.