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Originally Posted by nrand001 View Post
I recently took off spacers from the front and rear (F:18mm & R:15mm). I specifically targeted the rear because my 295/30/19 (Yokohama advans) on my right side was too close to the fender. I am considering on putting either the 15mm or 18mm in the front now? Any suggestions? Is it ok to just have a pair of spacers on the front? If so, which ones would suffice on my current setup?

hey brother after years of racing in multiple classes all I can say is that keep in mind that the different between the E92 220 wheels and the ZCP wheels is 0, notice how BMW kept the 0 difference by adding off-set to the zcp's because they are wider so BMW expands millions on engineering to come up with the right formula that for them is 6mm(street use) difference between front and rear so unless we are talking about race cars with the need for more grip in one particular area (front/rear) I think you should try to keep the difference between front and rear about 6mm if possible, you can make your car as wide as you want but try to keep that difference of 6mm, I seen people on line that uses 15mm in front and nothing in the rear now think about this for a second the car left factory with +31F/+25R and now you bring that front 15mm out and leave the rear the same way, unless if you are drifting this thing I don't see a reason for so much front grip , my street M3 has a set of ZCP wheels on it with 255/275 tires and 12mm spacers on front and doing this you can drive your car to a track and have some fun w/out having to go back to stock set up.