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I have had two guys with ESS cars come to our meets, TWO, and once I said I was running a Gintani kit all of the sudden they couldn't go for a couple runs?? Pretty sketch from my point of view. My buddies and I find it pretty entertaining as a matter of a fact. As far as joe vs Adams car if you say it was BS that's fine. Like
I said, I wasn't there, it's just what I heard and to be honest I didn't think any more of it. Seems like a lot of guys are very touchy on here haha. Drew, ill be happy to run your car man. Will I lose? About 99 percent sure I will. Will I care? Not in the least. I'm very happy with my car as I'm sure you are with yours. This whole kit vs kit thing has been blown way out of proportion and I'm sure were going to disagree about who's making it worse. I'm only going off of what I have experienced first hand and feel any normal rash person would find it kinda weird that two times now, on separate occasions, a dude is down to show up to a little small car gathering with the intention of messing around, and then once he sees the cars decides not too? I mean c'mon.