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Originally Posted by GOLFFRR View Post
That sucks man, window tint ticket at night! LOL. and what if you were to say yes it did come like that when I bought the car??does it make it ok?

either way bummer to hear, most of us have been there. You just get someone to sign it off, pay the piper, or have the tint removed etc..

Make sure you do something bc im sure that cop will remember your car and will stop you again if he can.
I am undecided on removing the tint, as long as I dont get pulled over too often, I really like it tinted.. Maybe I should do a vinyl wrap to disguise myself from him

Originally Posted by glockperfect View Post
At least he didn't see you doing 0-60 runs.

Originally Posted by XeroZeus View Post
OP it sounds like you were too honest. Just say that the car came like that and you didn't know any better and pray for mercy
I'll do that next time

Originally Posted by ///M3THOD View Post
I got a ticket 2 months ago for a ///M logo black license plate frame in Atlanta, GA.

It was 7:30 in the morning, on the hwy and I was doing 67 in a 60, middle of 5 lanes, with the flow of traffic.. I was stopped for speeding and he wrote he a ticket for my plate frame, which he explained was illegal???

My windows have 20% on them and no comment was made, car is stock looking besides my titanium MORR's.

Cop remarked that he bet that my car got me into a lot of unnecessary problems.
That sucks to hear. I heard that those frames could be "illegal" too bc they cover too much of the plate. And I guess we all should drive VW bugs and Priuses to avoid unnecessary problems

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Could have been worse. At least they are fix-its even though they're a pain (tint). I wonder why they create some of these BS laws anyway.
+1. Can I just pay for tint and keep it?