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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
i'm assuming you mean two manfacturers meaning "BMW vs Dodge".

well, the Challenger has it's pros and cons, just like the BMW.

Interior = i like my RT interior better because it has NAV with a Hard Drive. my sedan didn't have it. and they both have paddle shifters
Body Style = Challenger wins
Comfort = Challenger wins
Handling = 335 wins
Power = well, 335 with Cobb and ETS FMIC beats my RT, but it won't beat the 392
Maintenance = Challenger wins
Gas Mileage = 335 wins
Roominess = 335 wins since it was a sedan
Fit and Finish = 335 wins
Annoyances = Challenger wins (if something happens or "messes up", the car doesn't dismantle itself in the parking lot)
Launching = 335 kills it because launching in 2nd gear under boost is for champions
Kinda seems like a tie for the most part
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looks like unicorn vomit.