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Originally Posted by peeti View Post
I'm chuckling to myself because regardless of reverse or first, the hill direction won't matter - engine is off, it'll spin whichever way it wants when it finally does actually spin.
I don't think this is right. I can't go out and test at the moment, but I believe if I park uphill I could just leave my car in 1st gear without the parking brake and it will hold as long as the incline isn't insane -- whereas if I'm uphill and leave it in Reverse it will roll more easily.

Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
I think I hear some of you suggesting that parking in gear will hurt the transmission? No more than driving it around would. There's a lot more strain using the motor to propel the car vs the car sitting in the gear....all assuming your not on a big incline.
Forces while driving are indeed greater, but they're also of a different nature. When you're driving, all of the forces on the driveline are running in the same "direction", working together to either maintain or increase the car's momentum. When you're parked on a hill, you've got the wheels naturally inclined to move and the engine naturally inclined to resist, so the whole driveline is subjected to tension from those forces acting in opposite directions. I can't actually quantify how much damage that can do in the long run or even if it can do any, but I do know that comparing the strain to the strain of driving isn't valid.
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