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Cool review, definitely accurate. The M3 is easier to drive close to its limits (contrary to magazine editors assertions) because going through the esses at 120 is less scary than 130+ every time. The M3 is a way better street car. That GT-R trans, especially early models, sounds like a dump truck every shift. I prefer the GT-R on track because it is so much faster (I was 7 seconds faster at VIR), but the M3 is so much more rounded.

It is definitely annoying in both cars to have to spend $3k+ (trans cooler for GT-R; bbk for M3) when they're both $70k+ cars that are supposed to be track worthy. Sure you can get by with stock M3 brakes, but a fast driver will melt them if he/she doesn't take it easy every few laps, even with PFC's.