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Originally Posted by HighandDry View Post
Personally, I would go with a company that has a proven record with BMW.

Evolution is well known for Porsches, but not so much for BMW.

I had Evolution do a tune on my Ferrari. There were a lot of issues with the tune and I ended up taking it off. They did refund the money, but I was still out 600 bucks for the time for the mechanic to install/take off the tune.

In the Ferrari, they had to remove the ECU's from the car, which is a big expense and pain to do. I'm pretty sure they don't do any of their tunes via the OBD.
Thanks, that's exactly the story I'm hoping to avoid! Several of the sponsors on this forum have given me some advice and I agree, go with the proven products. I've decided to go with bpm because I like some of their options and they do remote tunes.
I did send an email to evoms but have yet to hear back. I'll still update the thread with their response.
Also, I had a dream last night that I owned a 458 Italia so this message freaked me out a little. But dreaming of the Italia isn't that rare for me!

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