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Pulled over for tint and plate. My story

I took a long way home after work and went to a very remote "undisclosed" location to do some 0-60 runs. This isn't something I do often, but I am taking my car to a drag strip for the first time, so I needed to "practice".

I did maybe 6 runs and called it good, because it was way too cold and got pretty dark.

On my way home, after making my way through some back roads, I got on the freeway HWY 99 (North of Bakersfield, CA) and was cruising at 70-75 (speed limit is 70). By that time, it was pitch dark, and I saw a car behind me that was following me and looked like a police car. He followed me for a while, then he changed lanes and eye balled me hard by rolling side-by-side with me, then accelerated to look at the front of my vehicle. After that he dropped speed, got behind me and pulled me over. I was super polite throughout the whole process, as I never have an attitude about being pulled over. I have no points on my licence.

LEO: "Your windows are dark, did the vehicle come like that?
ME: No, sir. The summers are too hot around here (Note: I have 35% all around except windshield)
LEO: "Unless they change legislature, bla bla bla"

Then he goes in front of the car and says: "Where is your licence plate?"
ME: "I don't have one on this car, sir, but I have front plates on the other 3 vehicles that I own" (this is true)
LEO: "You need one"

He goes back to his car with my licence/registration and takes forever, at this point I swear to God, I am thinking he is googling the rear end picture of a stock M3 on his "police iPad" to see what it looks like to bust me for my Akra Evo.

He finally comes back and says: "Did you modify the height of your vehicle?"
ME: "No, sir. Maybe slightly, by 5 mm" (Note: I am on KW Clubsports, but I am not slammed by any means!, I have what is considered normal for track duty. I also run 18" TE37SL with rears being very flush w/ fenders)

He busted out his tape measure and goes to measure something in front, then declares: "You are good".
At this point I am thinking, what else... But after this, he finally backed off.

I drove off with two citations, one for tint and one for the front plate (first time in 8 years for this bs). All my cars, but one have illegal front tint.

But, height!? C'mon California!
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