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I was happy to find this thread because I had some tires to have mounted on my ZCP wheels. I have wanted to find a place I can trust and Convoy area is fairly convenient so that works for me.

I called ahead and was quoted $15-$17 per wheel. I thought that was pretty inexpensive honestly. Sounds good.

I brought my car over and Omar took a look at my car. I told him I know that 19" wheels and AD08s aren't exactly the easiest things to mount. I told him that the one thing I was worried about was damage to my wheels. He told me not to worry and that they had exotics in there all the time and blah blah. OK, fine. He also told me that they had a "touchless" machine. So he said usually they would charge $20 for these kind of wheels/tires. I told him no problem all I really care about was the wheels not getting damaged.

So the guys pulled the car in and began working. They were done about 40 minutes later and pulled the car out. I went to inspect the wheels and the first 3 all looked good. The 4th had about a 3 inch area on the edge where paint was chipped off. And another 1 inch area on the other side. Not good.

I pointed out the problem to them and they agreed that it happened while the tires were being mounted. Then they tried to tell me that it was due to the tire being stuck to the wheel from it getting so hot at the track... what? The section where the paint was chipped doesn't even touch the tire. BS.

Anyway, Omar agreed to have it fixed for me, but after I got home I just decided to forget it. I didn't want to have the repair guy screw up the color and make it even worse. Not worth the hassle.

Also, once I got home I needed to change my wheels back to my street set up. Unfortunately the lugs were on so tight I had to use a breaker bar and a mallet to get them off. WTF? It must have been at least double the recommended torque.

On top of that the tires were at 45-48 PSI although it clearly says on the sidewall not to inflate past 40 PSI.

Geez man. It's like they screwed up every single thing possible on a tire change. I mean, they handled it fairly well offering to repair the wheel and I was totally reasonable with them saying that these things happen etc. but it really just sucks that they did such a shitty job.

Ugh. Anyway, the AD08s kick ass and I am looking forward to some track events on them.