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Originally Posted by Foxrus14
I don't think there is anything better than the heated seats if you are in the north...

On another note...

If you cant afford exactly what you want you will overall be disappointed with the car. Why spend 40K and almost get what you want when you can spend $45k and get exactly what you want???? I think people need to think what is really important to them... Having a BMW to say you have a BMW is overrated and down right materialistic thus the problem with our country. But don't worry Obama will take my money and give it to someone that dug their own debt grave
Actually, the problem with our country is pointing out the faults of others and actually doing that thing you say you don't like. Owning a BMW IS materialistic. You could have purchased a 10 year old Civic and gotten from A to B.

Now to the OP: I vote x-drive. One thing I miss about my Subaru was the all wheel drive. Even in sunny AZ. Jack rabbit starts with a pro-tuned motor was so much easier.