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Here's a summary of the data. This was done on Motorsport Ranch Houston, 2.4 CCW. Sat and Sun weather were similar in temps and conditions. Sun saw some rain and 3 wet laps. Measured with the same caliper, zero'd after each measurement. Measured each pad in 3 places in the middle of the pad from top of bottom. All data is based on the front axle only. I do have NT01s, some of the time improvement can be attributed to the tires wearing down since NT01s get sticker. They still have the horizontal tread though so it didn't turn into a true slick.

The pagids saw 22 laps. They wore on average about .4-.5mm each pad. The rotor saw about .05mm of wear. I did 9 of 22 laps under 1:50 with a best of 1:47:26.

The stoptechs saw 31 laps. They wore about .8mm each pad. The rotor saw about .05mm of wear. I did 16 of the 31 laps under 1:50 with a best of 1:45:68 and a 1:46:6 and did 5 more laps in the 1:47s.

My conclusion? There is no clear advantage in wear rates. For me, who has been raised on PF01s...the Stoptech SR34s have a clear advantage in performance for me. The pedal was better, there was more torque as you add brake pressure. I liked trail braking with the SR34s better as well.

Most of all...when you threshold brake, the car doesn't wag. If you know MSRH, you go through gut check which is a flat out right then left hander into a hard braking zone followed by a double apex 180. With the Pagids, I had to straightline brake. No trail braking here...I would have been in the gravel. The rear end wagged and I had to brake at the second apex. This is where the clear performance advantage came. With the Stoptechs, I went what I would estimate another car length past the same apex, got on the brakes and trailbraked deep.

I'll post some long term wear rates (# of days) a couple of months from now. The only way pagids can win for me is if they last a very, very long time. But IMO...the Stoptechs are a clear winner for me. Cost, performance, and at least from this short test, wear rates. The SR34s instill performance, feel, and confidence.

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Thanks 54!

Jae - seriously? they'll black flag you?
Don't know...never been black flagged for a non-spin until this damned weekend at a different track! Guy decided to blend. I was going about 90 entering a fast corner. The line blends into a corner and I passed him when he was about a car length past the end of the blend line. I would have had to hit the brakes pretty hard. That's neither here or there...

The organizers at the Driver's Edge event were VERY specific about the blend line. So I would assume that they'll have snipers at T3 take you out if you cross the blend line.
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