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Mega thanks!

Originally Posted by bmw1mc View Post
Looks awesome!

Originally Posted by 11redm3 View Post
Other than Fire Orange- best color choice and the color I will have on one of my cars in the future!
I agree, Fire Orange is pretty sexy!

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Hot girl in a hot car. Is this a great country, or what? Congrats. Enjoy it.

Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
Agree 1 million percent on all your decisions.

ED is awesome!
Dakar yellow - *meh*
Atacama >> Dakar
Atacama a little too much for a coupe/sedan I agree

LOVE the speed yellow!
Great minds....

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Love it, congrats! Great write-up, too.

Let's find a time for another meet, I've got to see this.
Indeed, spring can't come quickly enough!

Originally Posted by Saphirschwarz View Post
Thats a fast bee !

Only one thing: i would switch to black rims.
Even if i'm not a fan of black rims i think they look good on flashy colors like yellow or green...

Enjoy your ride !
As noted above, black GTS 359s are already in the garage, waiting.

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Great color choice, I like this car alot! congrats on your mighty E92! I like the new wheels!

Originally Posted by MY13E92M3 View Post
SICK! I love it!

Originally Posted by bape_sta206 View Post
Looks gorgeous! I love the color.

Originally Posted by Mahhvinn View Post
Congrats and awesome write! Definitely an awesome choice in color!
Thanks and thanks!

Originally Posted by Technic View Post
Individual installs the Edition black-chrome parts. There are no CF OEM grills/gills.
Yeah. I have black chrome off of my last car, so I still have that option if the CF just doesn't seem to work.

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Looks awesome !

Originally Posted by etrillion View Post
Wow.. you officially made me regret getting my M3 the way I did. haha

Looks amazing man.. I'm jealous.
Thanks, um, chica?

Originally Posted by s4play View Post
Congrats on the color, definitely my favorite yellow!

I almost ordered my gt3 in this color a few years ago but later settled on white and regretted it. I think you are the only SY owner on this forum.

If you ever want to sell the car, pm me first.
Thanks, but at this point I have no intention of selling anytime soon.

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I wanted that color for my previous E92 M3! And 6 speed MT Very Nice! I would have ordered it the same way.
Time's running out!

Originally Posted by Frosty View Post

Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
Thanks! (I think.)

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I think it looks better, but thats why its called individual, to each his/her own

Originally Posted by ///Miniz racer View Post
Wow absolutely beautiful

Originally Posted by mthreefan View Post
that color 2 tone goes perfectly, nice car!
2-tone? If you mean the yellows, that's just a result of different spectrum lighting and my crappy iphone. If you mean yellow w black, I agree!!

Originally Posted by Doc K View Post
This should have originally been a color option. SMH. :/
Honestly I'm surprised at least Dakar wasn't offered.

Originally Posted by biglare View Post
Love the color!!!

Slap on an ESS blower and call it a day!

Thanks! (But NA FTW!)

Originally Posted by BMWsince2005 View Post
Just seen a BMW M3 Coupe E92 in the colour of new M5/M6 colour "sakhir-orange"!|as
Originally Posted by 335ikiid View Post
love it

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
A female driving a loud yellow M3 - now that's a scene that will attract no attention whatsoever.

I can't be the only one thinking that a photoshoot along side a Dakar and a Atacama E92 M3 would be sweet. You could even get someone with Fire Orange just for good measure.

Congrats on the great new car.
Thanks! Re such a shoot, there are one or two Dakar E36s around here, maybe an E46, not sure about any E9x M3s, and presumably there's an Atacama Z4 puttering around somewhere. Will have to see. Maybe at the BMWCCA spring drive. That would be fun!

Originally Posted by vladberca View Post
Great color choice, but I would have took the Nav too (helps a little at resale)
Thanks. I disagree re the nav once a few years have passed. For example, how interested are you in a 2005-era nav system? That's a million years ago, tech-wise.

Originally Posted by chrisv_335EBII View Post
How much does BMW charge for Individual Colors on the M3? I might consider an EBII E92....
You know what they say about if you have to ask.... but @signes answered already.

Originally Posted by DDS2015 View Post
So, when you're done with it can I buy it from you? I'm serious, I love it and its exactly how I want mine (if I could afford it at the moment)... No nav, 6MT, CF roof, it's really to bad that my annual tuition costs as much as this!

Congrats and enjoy.
No plans anytime soon!

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Congrats!! Thanks for sharing!!

Originally Posted by signes View Post
Roughly $5k for something in the Individual catalog.
Originally Posted by ATS View Post
This is the only yellow car that I've ever liked. Looks absolutely beautiful

I also want to congratulate you for not going with the navi. Besides the fact that it doesn't age well, that hideous hump on the dash completely ruins the car.
Thanks. And I agree!

Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Originally Posted by ESC OFF View Post
Congrats on the new ride, it appears that the yellow is a popular choice among this crowd.
Thanks. Indeed!

Originally Posted by dlbrooks18 View Post
Wow looks so good!

Originally Posted by ACSE90 View Post
That's individual alright.

Originally Posted by Loaded View Post
Amazing.! Reminds me my first M3 E36 which i had in Dakar Yellow. Enjoy it.!

I will, thanks!

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Very nice !!

Originally Posted by yoyeewee View Post
Great Color...congrats!

Originally Posted by Brainofjjj View Post
Beautiful sir.
Another individual car with no idrive. Mine was for sale for awhile but potential buyers all want Nav. Guess they're only thinking short term. Decided to keep the car.
Congrats man
Thanks, ma'am!

Originally Posted by avol3xo View Post
Great looking car, I used to be all about black or white cars but now I love the uniqueness of a rare factory color that stands out.

Originally Posted by Rich@GTBPerformance View Post
Good call on the Nav System.

I look at Pre-Owned BMW's all the time just to see if I can find a good one, and the Nav does get dated very quickly.

Love the color! Hope you have many hours of happy driving llis!

Originally Posted by Jon@Bimmersport Automotive View Post
Sweet ride!! I find the yellow E9x really stand out, there is another E9X M3 sedan though in the west coast - I believe Dakar Yellow? I for one actually prefer the I drive...mainly just for the dash, without it to me looks naked (which sometimes isn't a bad thing).

As for your exhaust question - Definitely an AA black edition exhaust will suite your need...low, bassy rumble. Most of the ones your listed aren't as low-bassy, or on the other hand can be too loud.

Anywho, amazing choice in colour. Enjoy in good health!
I've seen photos of cars, I'm not sure how many are out there. AA was a finalist, but I'm hours away from ordering the Eisenmann Race. 95% sure as I write this.

Originally Posted by Niro View Post
That (Porsche) Speed Yellow is a fabulous colour on the E92 M3! Nice choice - and definitely superior to Dakar Yellow, which, I agree, looks somewhat faded.
Yes indeed! (But I don't think Dakar looks bad, either.)

Originally Posted by ortho281 View Post
Nice, Congrats!

Originally Posted by NlckyBlack View Post
not a fan of yellow, but this color works on the M3, enjoy
I agree. Thanks!

Originally Posted by bavspeed View Post

makes my two Alpine White BMWs seem utterly boring....If I ever buy a new BMW again, I'm going Individual. N o d o u b t a b o u t i t !!!!

I'm partial to e39/e60/e46 right now, bc I don't like any of the F series cars at all....too artificial feeling on the steering, ride in particular.

e90/e92 possible. Will see. Ok I'm ranting....

Way to go with the purchase!!!
Thanks! I haven't driven any F series except the 550i. The new M5 looks pretty fabulous, though, and the new M6 even more so. I agree, the E39 and E46 are classics.

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one of my favorite colors very nice and unique choice

Originally Posted by badfish718 View Post

kidding lol

I am very envious of your ride, it looks awesome, very unique. Congrats.
Thanks! (I am thinking of getting an "off duty" sign to mount on the roof.)

Originally Posted by alex s View Post

How much was it extra for the special order color?

Thanks. The answer is above.

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Wonder how I missed this thread!

Originally Posted by Notsorich View Post
thats a super sick color! i love it!

Originally Posted by Powerbeast View Post
Individual colors run $5K

Update: So the car is now in customs. The past 7 weeks have gone faster than each day is now. I am getting impatient! Especially since we've been having some pretty nice weather recently (until this afternoon). I'm wondering what the heck I'll do if the truck arrives at the dealer during a snowstorm!

Thanks again, everyone! I'll post updates when the car arrives and the mods begin!