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Originally Posted by Angerman View Post
How do you like the Challenger? Which do you like the most between the two manufacturers?
i'm assuming you mean two manfacturers meaning "BMW vs Dodge".

well, the Challenger has it's pros and cons, just like the BMW.

Interior = i like my RT interior better because it has NAV with a Hard Drive. my sedan didn't have it. and they both have paddle shifters
Body Style = Challenger wins
Comfort = Challenger wins
Handling = 335 wins
Power = well, 335 with Cobb and ETS FMIC beats my RT, but it won't beat the 392
Maintenance = Challenger wins
Gas Mileage = 335 wins
Roominess = 335 wins since it was a sedan
Fit and Finish = 335 wins
Annoyances = Challenger wins (if something happens or "messes up", the car doesn't dismantle itself in the parking lot)
Launching = 335 kills it because launching in 2nd gear under boost is for champions