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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
Glad you enjoy it, but a GT-R eats the M3 for lunch on track. I was quicker on all seasons in a 2009 GT-R with just flash and lowering springs than I am in my coilover equipped M3 on slicks. The M3 wins in steering feel and longevity (GT-R trans fluid overheats in a few hard laps). GT-R wins all other categories.
sure! don't disagree.


here's my comparison (pasted from another thread)

Older GTRs tend to overheat their transmissions quickly (8-10 laps) and require tranny cooling upgrades, also the tranny has a history of blowing up when under stress (go see how many gtrs have tranny failures over on and I was constantly worrying about warranty.

Also tires and pads are slightly more expensive, the stock rotors will crack after 2-3 trackdays so you need to upgrade those..

most importantly, the gtr has such high limits that as a low-med intermediate track driver like me, I could never find them.... with my m3, I can get closer to those limits thus making me a better driver (and have more fun IMO)

However on the other hand, the gtr is a monster, a sledge hammer.. you will easily do lap times with a gtr that are just not possible with most other cars..the gtr will crush literally almost any other car on the track... but the funny thing is .. when you go fast in a GTR... everyone says "oh its the car"... when you go slow in a GTR... everyone says "man, you suck as a driver" ... when you go fast in a m3, atleast you can feel better knowing its your own driving skills at work..

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