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Originally Posted by novablackm3 View Post
also during track time to catch an over steer you may take your hands off then quickly shift.
I've tracked my car a few times and never heard of shifting as an oversteer recovery method. How would that work? Especially if it involves taking your hands off the wheel (which I'm thinking would be a bad idea under oversteer since your the wheel would immediately start spinning in the opposite direction with you no longer forcing them to turn against where they'd go naturally), that seems fairly dangerous and I can't see what the benefit would be above adjusting your throttle input. But I'm also no expert so I'm curious.

Originally Posted by mlhj83 View Post
There are turns on many tracks that require or are better taken with a mid turn shift change. Shifting does not necessarily have to upset the balance of the car in a turn. But in general, what you said, applies.
True on all counts. Generally turns where you'd be upshifting are going to be pretty wide and thus require relatively little steering input, like the oval the OP mentioned, and turns where you'd downshift would be longer, decreasing radius turns like the tight turns at the end of the straightaways on Circuit of the Americas, where you're coming down from 4th or 5th all the way to 2nd.
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