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Originally Posted by MediaArtist View Post
Pretty much. They were one off engines that needed servicing every race (like most race tuned engines). The 917 engine was extremely temperamental, lots of heat, and would blow a lot even during the race. I'm actually surprised he didn't get some waiver that he wasn't responsible for any damage to the vehicle.

This is one of the reason I don't let friends drive my car, and I don't drive their car. You never know what calamity may strike randomly, and I treasure friendships.
Exactly! i borrowed my sisters 45 RV for a trip to Michigan and back. I drew up a contract and paid them to rent it just incase anything happened. That way we all knew who was responsible for what. Glad i did because we had a front tire blow out on the way back. $680 tire with road side assistance but it was part of their responsibility and they wrote me check for the cost of the new tire and roadside help. Some friends think i'm a jerk for wanting to do that, but it really helps maintain the friendship should something odd happen.
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