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Originally Posted by SROC5
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Cheers M3 owners

I do some highway driving every week as I take the car on a round trip 260 mls drive, now I noticed some scratches and paint chips on the front bumper and front of the hood how do u guys deal with this or it's something I have to live with I guess..
It's called Paintshield 5720. Apply with paint roller of choice, pressure wash off when you're done with your road trip. It can look pretty decent (like frozen paint) if you apply with patience, but it's transparent nonetheless.

Read down the thread for folks who tried it with their Porsche GT cars etc. Optherion on the forum can give you more advice.

One more thing, hopefully you're not semi-tailing people on the highway either or close behind other big trucks and cars for extended periods of time. This is the number one way to get chips and debris on the car.
That looks good. Does it leave any effects ob the paint. Any idea where to buy it from.