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I've been running my e90 fairly competitively in TTA for 3 years now but am not sure what to do this year since TTA is being replaced by TT3 - where I will get slaughtered.

I'm interested to hear if greenbaum has changed his tune in the dyno reclass on the e90 M3 given his response to me last month.

"I really can't do anything with that car to re-class it down in base class, despite its weight. It has a ton of power, and the car is built to handle well, even at that weight. "

I know you didn't want to hear this, but the e36 M3 is your best bet for a tt car that will pay for itself vs an e 90 M3 after a couple seasons of mods and wear items. The e36 CAN be dyno reclassified if you want to keep the interior for street use.