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Just had my first oil change and test done after picking up my '08 this summer.

47,695 miles on engine and 9,800 miles on the oil. I drive it hard, but no track (yet).

Comments: DAVID: So far, we don't see any issues with your "new" BMW. Metals are all in the average range, though we should note that iron and lead skirt the upper limits of our averages at 16 and 14 ppm. These metals together show bearing wear, though iron can also come from steel parts. This might be a result of how you run the engine rather than poor wear, so for now, it's just something to watch. Other metals are fine. Our averages are based on 5,500 miles, a much shorter run than what you used. The TBN is still good at 1.8. Try for 11,000 miles next time.


I feel like 10k miles is the sweet spot to get good value out of our oil without over-using the filter, so that's probably the interval I'll stick with.
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