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Originally Posted by m_thompson View Post
Dackel, you finally visited my favorite museum. I first visited it about 20 years ago because our factory is just a few miles up the hill from the museum. I noticed that they didn't have any US license plates so I brought one on my next visit. If you look above the yellow tractor you will see it, KO-968, just below the Lincoln nose. Other visitors from the US saw the RI plate and now they have lots. The current muxeum is about 3x what it was when I first visited, and the keep expanding.

Did you watch the silent movie? The owner's mom used to play the piano during the movie.

I tell my German colleagues that that is what my house would look like if I wasn't married.
That was really cool of you to bring him a US state plate.

Silent movie? No where was THAT? I almost missed seeing the downstairs keller hidden behind the self playing piano! But on my second trip around the museum I saw the steps down into the Keller. I also saw in that last hall where the American cars were... there was "more stuff" upstairs(above the red helicopter)... but they had roped off the upstairs to museum guests.

I know I will go back there soon. In the Spring time(maybe ?) - I have always wanted to drive the Deutsche Alpine Strasse (B-500) that runs from Baden Baden down to Fruedenstadt. I need to go drive that road in the Springtime.