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Not sure why everyone just pins this win to Kobe's assists. There's so many other things going on the past 2 games that we didn't really do before. The biggest one was defense. We usually don't play any defense. The past 2 games we played defense. We had a lot less instances where players just look at each other confused, trying to blame someone. We tried to develop a defensive system. I think I've said this too many times in this thread so I'll just leave it at that.

Also, Kobe played pretty similar to his other (first half)games. It's only when the team underachieves, then he decides to play "Kobe ball". What's different this game is other players are actually shooting better. Take Metta for example. His looks the past 2 games are pretty similar to his other games. It can be because of confidence, rhythm, or something else; but I don't think it's because Kobe passed him the ball, so he got the shot in.

With that said, I do notice that Kobe stopped pulling up those 3s early in the shot clock, which is good. Kobe playing point guard seems to work better than Nash, too. I guess these recent changes are helping the team as of now.