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Lightbulb Active Autowerke | Agency Power | Arqray | Fabspeed | Magnaflow | Exhaust for Your M

Active Autowerke

True performance, durability, and attractive weight advantages with innovative features places the Active Autowerke E9X BMW M3 exhaust in a class of its own. This system is constructed from 100% polished 304-stainless steel and features adjustable Active Autowerke double walled tips, making it ideal both for 2-door and 4-door models (also allows for cleaner fitment with diffusers). This system uses factory style flanges making it a complete bolt on system that requires no cutting or welding. The system is a straight-through design providing substantial improvements to gas flow over the factory exhaust. The sound is unobtrusive, with a rich mellow tone and delivers a solid 15+hp, with key gains in the mid-range. In addition, the Active Autowerke E9X M3 Signature Exhaust system features large 3" piping for maximum exhaust flow while maintaining enough back-pressure to result in horsepower increases across the entire RPM range. The factory E9X M3 muffler features a Noise Canceling Chamber inside the muffler and Active Autowerke has retained this feature by adding two custom Active Autowerke noise canceling chambers (NCC)on each muffler to reduce/eliminate all drone (the 'booming' noise some muffler emit at cruising speeds, ~3500 rpm). The Active Autowerke E9X M3 Signature Exhaust System provides increase in horsepower, great sound and appearance making it a must for the true M3 enthusiasts.

Key Features:
-Large 3-inch mandrel bent piping for maximum flow
-Durable, polished 100% 304 stainless steel
-Double-walled 76mm Signature stainless tips
-Revolutionary NCC -Noise Cancelling Chamber
-Adjustable Tips with Embossed Active Autowerke Logo
-Improved power & torque throughout entire RPM band
-Gains of 12-15 HP over stock configuration; Additional HP with our programmed software
-BMW factory style hardware makes a truly easy installation with no need for cutting or re-welding
-Weighs 44 Lbs vs. the factory of 78 Lbs.
-Fitment for Coupe,Convertible and Sedans
-Complete illustrated instruction manual -Two year warranty

Agency Power

The ultimate driving machine now sounds like a true sports car. Agency Power has taken the E92 BMW M3 big V8 engine and given it some sound steroids. The Agency Power exhaust has a great tone which gives your car that race sound many desire. The Agency Power exhaust system has been engineered and dyno tested to not only improve the sound, but gain horsepower, and improve top end performance. After months of testing, Agency Power has completed this beautiful dual muffler design system.
The all T304 stainless steel exhaust is TIG welded and polished to a mirror finish. The exhaust uses the existing hangers for a secure rattle and clearance free fit. To stand out amongst the rest, the system features quad 3 inch tips in either rolled stainless or in titanium with a burnt finish for an exotic look. This muffler section also includes the S pipes to give you a complete bolt on exhaust system. As tested on our Mustang dyno, the exhaust gain power throughout the RPM band and its peak gain was 5hp and 3ft/lbs of torque, however with a software upgrade this exhaust can reach 30hp and 20ft/lbs of torque (as shown on dyno graph). A great addition to an already well factory tuned car.


We adopt pipe shape and the specifications which are most suitable for every car model so that ARQRAY sport muffler lets you show 100% with a characteristic of an engine and realize a flow of the smooth exhaust that is not compared with normal. In addition, I change torque in practical use area and peak power balance every model of a muffler and have you choose a muffler along user needs.

We perform trial manufacture / a test / production / shipment in 100% own company and manage all processes strictly, I enable perfect Quality control

We test severe preservation standard conformity in own company, ARQRAY exhaust system supplies a product in reliability by car inspection and an everyday run with confidence

We perform the sound tuning that I matched with a character of a car, and force does setting for high frequency sound to be able to go through in high turn area with low tone which there is, an NA engine in a turboengine


From tip-to-tp our Fabspeed exhaust is very clean, with no low hanging mufflers or pipes. This trend ends with our classic angle-cut 83mm tips that are each hand-polished to the best possible finish you will see on stainless steel.
Each tip is individually length-adjustable, allowing you to arrange them in a staggered length, the same length, and even adjust for things like add-on rear bumper carbon diffusers... or to adjust for the slight difference between the coupe / convertible and 4dr rear bumper skin; perfect!

The complete system is with spot-on fit and finish. It fits tightly to the bumper and body without any rubbing or issues. The entire system is made from 304 stainless steel, and is 100% computer-bent for accuracy on every complete system. Welds are precise and will not crack, warp, or fatigue over time. We have tested these systems our both our world record 10-second street M3 and in a growing number of road race cars.

Install can be completed in as little as 2 hours. The Fabspeed complete exhaust for your E9x is a direct bolt with an excellent fit that can be swapped for OE at any time.
Our system also includes all piping and hardware required. Unlike other systems, there are no "connecting pipes" to be a hidden cost and everything is a 100% replacement for OE without cutting.
No reusing of OE piping, or welding is required and new Fabspeed Clamps are included. Tips are adjustable in length during install, or any time after with hand tools.

...what a SOUND it is... Sound in all capitals, but not because its overtly loud... its the amazing blend of V8 muscle with European howl that raises the hair on your neck. We feel without bias that this is the best sounding E9x M3 exhaust system ever; thats why we decided to partner with Fabspeed when we first heard the initial system.
You have never heard an E9x M3 sound so amazing, exquisite and exotic. After 10+ months on our development M3, not only is it a heart stopping sound for customers, but we never grow tired of it and even argue who will get to drive it for the weekend!
You will love the snarling, rich, aggressive tone like no-other under wide open throttle, and the smooth and subtle nearly OEM-like volume level during cruse. Surely, this is an amazing achievement in exhaust design and the best of both worlds- like a volume knob attached to the accelerator all without electronic gimmicks or vacuumed controlled bypasses. This is the experience Fabspeed brings to the table.... and maybe best of all? This systems offers all of the above, yet does not drone!
Unlike many systems for the E9x M3- even when used with an X-pipe and high flow section one, Fabspeed's Maxflo muffler technology lets you drive this system for hours and hours of time in total comfort.

Power & Flow:
Finally, no exhaust would be worthy of your M3 without power gains. No smoke and mirrors: tested on our development car that was an otherwise stock M3; fitted only with complete Fabspeed header back exhaust consisting of High Flow 200-Cell Sport Cats, Resonated X-Pipe and Maxflow rear muffler section and air filters.
Tested on a very accurate dyno with no ECU tuning, gains of up to 25-WHP can be had with cats and resonators! (ECU tuning is crucial on the E9x M3 to build power from the exhaust because the ECU constantly wants to adapt back to a stock-like power level). If you eliminate the cats, but keep the resonators and have the ECU tuned for your setup, we have had customers report gains of nearly 40HP and a dramatic difference you can feel from the drivers seat.

Flow is exceptional: good enough for our world record "fastest E9x 3 series" to run a 10.69 quarter mile in 2011 and produce over 620HP! We street drive this same exhaust daily and it is 100% enjoyable and livable in every day real world conditions.


Magnaflow exhaust Cat-Back System is equipped with a MagnaFlow performance muffler boasting a one-piece perforated stainless steel core. No louvers, no baffles, no sharp turns, just a straight path to increased horsepower and torque Performance. Step on the gas and a deep, tiger-like growl answers back. When you're cruising or idling, the Magnaflow performance exhaust system purrs like a kitten. The Magnaflow's stainless steel or Magnaflow's aluminized body is corrosion-resistant and reflects heat, so it'll retain Magnaflow's winning good looks, clean appearance and have a longer life than OEM and competitor mufflers. Installations a breeze, just remove the stock setup, bolt on your new Magnaflow performance exhaust system and get ready to rumble.
Magnaflow Cat-Back reduces engine heat and back-pressure and improves exhaust scavenging from the combustion chamber.Minimizes the power-robbing effects of the OEM exhaust system restoring torque and horsepower performance to the engine. Magnaflow's steel mesh core warms up quickly and maintains the muffler s optimal temperature for exhaust movement. Dense acoustical-absorbing material filters out annoying vibrations and harsh noises leaving behind only that smooth, throaty growl. Magnaflow Cat-Back increases power from 3 to 23 horsepower and from 6 to 28 lbs. of torque, depending on your vehicle. 1/2" overlapped welding at every joint and sealed with a continuous mig weld. Fast-flowing mandrel-bent tubing from 2" to 4" diameter, depending on your vehicle, so there's no turbulence, back-pressure or restrictions of any kind. CARB certified, legal in all 50 states. Easy installation.Lifetime warranty on your Magnaflow performance exhaust system.

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