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I Love My M3!! So much fun on the track!

Folks - I've done two track days with my new m3 (with about 8 trackdays in total, previously in a gtr) and I must say I absolutely, absolutely love it!!!

My god, the way the engine screams up to 8500rpm.. Upshifting close to redline on the straights .. 3...short shift to 4... 5... 6.. and then hard on brakes into the first turn!! and then on a slightly wet track... a four wheel drift in a tight chicane.. Its an indescribable feeling!!

MY GOD! I LOVE THIS CAR!!! AND For those who haven't taken their M3 out on the track yet... you are missing the very essence of this car... it is meant to be driven at the limit... engine screaming.. lap after lap... with no overheating... no issues... just go on.. and on...

It is the most fun I've had ... ever!! .. ever!!

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