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Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
Unless you are shifting early, I don't see how you're engine isn't heat soaked. I used shift my 330 early as an intermediate driver. It ran hard all day long. When I got into the advanced run group, I keep that tach pinned on the redline. I have an heavily upgraded cooling system, w/a injection, heat exchanger, push and pull fan. I'd get heat soak by the second session.

I have temp issues with my m3 stock. The DCT starts getting slow and my redline pulls. I don't see how adding an inter cooler with a 50% bump in power won't heat soak the intake charge?
I've done 3 track sessions (one on a very low speed track and two on a high speed track) with my M3 and went all out every time. Even did a 15 minute straight drift session on the first track day...the first 10 being with a professional drifter who just scorched my car on a crazy 8 skid pad. Did a bit over 100 laps in all which isn't all that much. However did a couple sessions of 15 or more laps and other than frying the stock brakes, the car performed flawlessly with oil temps in check. Temps were cool out so that could be a important factor so I will keep my eye on oil temps as it gets warmer out. Maybe this ESS kit is just over-enginerred.
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