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Originally Posted by White 13 View Post
I can see a little in the tire carcass that I had not considered but driveline gotta be pretty small. Might even absorb a little power and spread it out a little. I will need to consider it somemore.
I would postulate that the driveshaft, for instance, will twist if you throw a single foot pound its way. OK, perhaps not enough to measure without astoundingly sophisticated instrumentation - but it will still twist.

Now figure about 1200 foot pounds thrown at it in first gear at the torque peak. Twist will likely be eyeball-measurement obvious. How about the half shafts getting around 4600 foot pounds thrown at them. Still say they won't twist?

How about the sprung clutch hub? The dual mass flywheel?

Hell, even the cranshaft will twist with each cylinder firing. I remember reading an SAE paper about that decades ago.

My intent is not to rag on you, but did you ever hear about "Gallopin' Gertie"? "She" was a supension bridge in Washington State, video'd here. Hey, what's some wind compared to massive steel girders?

Even stout things will deflect under load.


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