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Originally Posted by flipm3 View Post
You can send in the payment now and figure out the license as time allows. To lock in the deal, all you have to do is send in the payment.

But you mention you have a K+CAN cable. Does it have a D-Line as well? Our E90s are only compatible with K+D CAN cables.

************** should be able to provide more assistance if you contact them during the week. Best of luck and keep me posted on what you decide.
I have the cable in your Amazon link: Loftek Interface USB OBD2 OBD II for BMW - INPA/ Ediabas - K+ DCAN

I appreciate your efforts, but it really would be helpful if the vendor provided a link to a cable that is guaranteed to work; one that has English installation files that are compatible with current operating systems. The Loftek cable was a pain to install because most of the screens were in German and it also asked if the install was to "NT or XP" (how old was that install file). If the vendor can provide a link to a cable that is guaranteed to work, I'm in; otherwise I'm out.
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