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I've installed TCK Coilovers 400F/600R spring rates, with adjustable TCK camber plates and thrust sheets and had a few weeks to drive and evaluate the car. I chose the softer spring rates as the car is a daily driver and occasional track use - for now. Previously I had OEM EDC and Dinan Stage 3 after that.

First of all, big thanks to John and Bimmersport Automotive. Through many many questions they have been very professional and patient with me. The shop did an amazing job with the install and even alligned them after.

During the install, we set the ride height as per TCK recomendations. The result was front ~ OEM height and rear was significantly lower, ~1.5" drop. Koni Shocks were set at 1/2 firm. The ride was very smooth and compliant. Bumps and cracks were absorbed with a solid thump and no drama. Humps and Dips could barely be felt. The car felt softer than stock, yet very controlled.

After a couple of days, I decided I needed to raise the car's rear end to improve looks. Pictures attached are current ride height. Esthetically, I think the front needs to be dropped another 0.5" - something I will play around with later. By raising the rear ~ 1.25" the ride characterisctics changed. I was surprised that such a small change can have such an effect on the ride quality - I guess its about balancing the car.

The ride became stiffer by about 20% with the shocks still at 1/2 firm. Overall it is a bit stiffer than stock, but expansion joints, pot holes, and small bumps are absorbed much beter. Car feels very planted over uneven surfaces. There is no bounciness, and zero noise when turning the steering wheel. I think a lot of this is due to the use of thrust bearings. TCK uses a replacable steel monoball upper strut mount bearing in their camber plates. Many people would argue that this increases NVH compared to a urethane unit. Although I have no other camber plates I can compare it to, I would yes, there is an increase noise, but only under certain conditions. For example when going onto a driveway on a 30 degree angle at 10-15km/h you will hear a faint clunk. Normal driving on the street/highway, you will not notice anything.

Overall I'm happy with the setup. For sure, this is a perfect street setup. The ride is stiffer by a bit, and shock absorbtion is better that OEM. Dinan springs and OEM EDC shocks feel just as stiff as TCK but TCKs absorb everything on the road better. Perhaps for the track a little stiffer spring rate would be better. I will be playing around with the settings on the shocks to see how it will effect the handling.

Thumbs up for TCK, great product.
Thanks for reading
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