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Several thoughts:

1. Car thieves will love this because it will only be a matter of time before they learn to intercept the smart phone signal and have the car delivered out of the garage to them once the owner goes inside the shopping center, etc.

2. When equipped on SUVs like Range Rovers and Escalades, the computer will drive the car through the parking lot at a high rate of speed, oblivious to all other cars and pedestrians, just as if a real driver were piloting the vehicle. Then, when it parks, it will fling open all of the doors to ding the cars parked on either side.

3. When your car automatically comes back out of the parking garage to pick you up, you won't have to tip a pimply teenager for the service. But, just for the nostalgia of old-fashioned valet parking, your seat will be reclined back at 45, the stereo will be blasting bad music, and the car will reek of weed.

4. All the sensors, electronics and motors involved will make our future M3s even heavier!
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