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Originally Posted by Mmmm3333 View Post
WOW!!!! Pls tell me that you are kidding with your explanation.....really????? You do realize that the "torque at the wheels" as you put it, depends on the gearing, right?

Wtq is a common way to write torque....again, pls tell me that you are kidding. I've never seen that term in all my years of engineering, racing, or even forum discussions. You might want to google "wtq" and see what comes up.

Listen, I'm cool w your attempt to mock me but you should at least do some homework 8 grade homework.
Ever been to a dyno? It measures torque and hp at the wheels. Typically all cars dyno in the gear closest to 1:1 which iirc is 5th gear in the m3.

On a dyno, an m3 typically measures 250 ft lbs at the wheels in 4th or 5th gear.

Compared to similar cars in the segment, the measured tq on the m3 is the lowest.

Again, not sure why this is complicated. There are thousands of threads in this forum with similar dyno results and terms.

Anyway, done arguing semantics. M3 is a good car, but it does have a low amount of torque.

Additionally, I'm sure you realize that the first sarcastic personal attack was made by you in your first response to me.

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