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Originally Posted by dagolfpro View Post
When I owned a bike, I gave a friendly nod to all other bikers, but it was not always returned. Guys on Harley's and Gold Wings were really bad about it. I think it's the same with other M drivers.
I have only run into a few friendly M owners who I would give a head nod too, and they would respond positively. The majority of the M drivers will just scoff at me and look forward again.

I noticed in my Acura RSX, 90% of the people would gesture back to me in a positive way.
Subarus are REALLY good with this. It seems like every time I drive around in my friends STi, every other STi or Impreza owner will give him a thumbs up... And we respond with a smile.

I am sorry to admit it guys, but we drive the Ultimate Douche Machine.