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Originally Posted by pbonsalb
Aren't transmissions and clutches rated by torque? And hasn't the DCT been upgraded for use in the M5 and M6 that uses a twin turbo V8 that should make as much or more torque in stock form as any centrifugal supercharged stroked S65? And isn't that DCT holding the added torque from tuned versions of the M5 and M6 that are definitely making more torque than any centrifugal supercharged stroked S65 will make? Not sure what it would cost to upgrade the DCT to M5/M6 specs, but if you can afford a stroker kit, an intercooled supercharger kit, and custom tuning, then you don't need to ask about costs.
The new M5 & M6 DCT has Thicker gears.... Basically beef'd up