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Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
How do you know what the output and curb weights are?...since you aptly pointed out the car hasnt been released yet

Also how is DCT a big game changer? Its been around for 5 years. The Aventador's Graziano transmission shifting at 50 ms is a game changer
The perfromance numbers have already been announced (within 10 HP and ft lbs tq). Are you telling me that the weight difference of the new M will not fall within 300-500 lbs of the C7?

Pay attention -- the game changer (i.e difference) between the C7 and the M3 is that the M3 HAS a DCT trans and the C7 DOES NOT. It's been that way since 2008-09. The comment wasn't meant to say that the DCT is new....anyone with a lick of common sense knew what I mean by the comment.