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Originally Posted by zeeman335 View Post
Finalized my order today! I added on the EDC and now it's just the waiting game.

I looked into MSD and looks like a good way to bring monthly payments down but the risk is still there. You total the car during the lease and the MSDs are gone. I might still go ahead and put some security deposits down!
Not true regarding the MSD's. Gap insurance would cover any difference. This was the reason for not putting money down towards cap reduction.

For the MSD's, if at lease end there were issues associated to damage above and beyond the allowed, replacement of tires, etc., this would be taken from the security deposits. Else BMW FS would send you a bill.

The rough math would work result in a $50 per month savings assuming max MSD's. Another way of looking at it, for $5600 that BMW FS will have for 36 months, you'll save $1800. Perhaps that money can be best used elsewhere but it is a good option.