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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
That's not the discussion we are having. OP is refinancing to get a better interest rate, which in the long run will save him money. If you decide that an additional $200 (or whatever) isn't worth it before buying the car that's very different.
Nothing wrong with wanting to save some money, no matter how much the amount, however, if the OP is so concerned about the finances, why is he looking at an Akra exhaust !!!!

I have personally never financed a car for more than 3 years....ever. If I couldn't afford the payments on a 3 year loan, then the car was too expensive. I just never saw the sense in paying that much interest, period. If you need to finance a car for more than 3 years to afford the monthly payments, then you are really pushing the limits of prudent spending IMO.
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