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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
Half a mil huh? So basically it costs more than a gt2 rs, gt3 rs 4.0, AND house downpayment combined. Its exterior is basic dated 964 look with hardly any clue to indicate to the public that it costs as much as it does. The interior isn't any better either; basic spartan 50 year old interior, with hardly any modern luxuries or creature comforts. It isn't particularly powerful, making only 350 hp. It isn't light either, weighing about the same as a modern FR-S despite that the FR-S has modern safety and some luxury updates to the interior. It isn't particularly fast in a straight line. Nor is it very good on a track either. And with everything on the car being bespoke, good luck finding parts to repair it if something goes wrong.

This is just a car for gazillionaire rabid porsche fans who would by anything, even a piece of turd if it had the porsche crest on it for a price of $500000. You can save yourself $499500 and buy the Singer's sister car