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LOL Try them all and then decide. I have had a 964 c4, 993 c2s and I would not leave my m3 to go back, but they are a easy transition from the M. Personal preference on this. Had a 355f1 and driven lambos. They are not a replacement for the m3 either as far as I am concerned. I guess having them all is the perfect scenario

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The reason why I pose this question is that there is another thread on the forum about why people love Porsches so much. Is the 911 praised for it's around practicallity (i.e. price, quality, and depenabaliltiy) ? Is it the true next step into a super car, but not so high in the stratosphere that is too high to reach like the Ferarri and Lambo? For me, the 911 Turbo has always been a dream since childhood. I knew that I would not reach my pinnicale unitl I have one. And I'm getting closer all the time to it. But for now, my M3 is good enough for what I want it for and what I can afford at this time in my life. This is my third M3, I've had a E36, E46, and now E92. Loved them all, but I'm always longing for that 911 Turbo. With the price of M3's now reaching almost 80k, it's not too far away from P-car prices, especially if you consider certified pre-own cars under 5000 miles and close to 100K for 2009 Turbos. What do you guys think? Is the M3 that transitional car or are we all just going to buy M3 after M3?