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Originally Posted by DSC_OFF View Post
The most "free" ones are Trackdaze and TT4C. TD does mostly events in the Virginia area but they do make their way up to NJMP once or twice a year. TT4C is all NJMP. I've run with TD before, it was ok just because of all the track time I got but I actually prefer running with the more structured clubs because they tend to attract more experienced drivers (who do less stupid things).

The other more "strict" clubs are CCA, PCA and NASA. PCA isn't as anal as CCA in the northeast and they tend to have better rates too. Keep in mind though if you run with the more experienced level groups the passing zones are pretty generous. The pass only on straights is usually associated with beginner groups.

Shoot me a PM with your email and I'll add you to my distribution. I have a spreadsheet of 2013 DE events with multiple clubs. Best of luck, quite a few of us meet at events! Oh yea check this thread too:
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