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Sorry if it seemed like I was calling you out. I really wasn't. My point is that for others to learn , people posting trades should give a reason why did it and post real time trades.

These types of posts have value IMHO so it really doesn't matter what method you use to trade or whether you trade stocks, etf's , options or futures, key is to post the entry and why.

The big money is usually made with int term and long term plays cause 99% of traders can't successfully trade over the short term on a consistent basis because the mkt whipsaws will tap out most traders due to stop losses or playing to emotional labilities.

Good job on your return cause you can never segue again big winnings!!

I got lucky on RIMM and although I am in on FB at 24 in reality I'm still down modestly cause I got in on FB in premarket shares in secondary mkt pre-ipo so if I ever see mark zuckenberg I will still kick him in the balls....

Word of advice to everyone, there is no short cut or a secret to making money... It's hard work and you need some luck too... Never trust anyone blindly and use others people's info but in conjunction with your own studies cause at the end if the day ., nobody else but will feel your financial pain if a trade goes bad.

GL everyone!