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Originally Posted by DLSJ5
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Thanks for all the kind comments fellas! lol. Definitely gonna try to make it to the next airstrip event, seems like the only way to run into an ESS car...
You should go, you'll love it. As far as running an ESS car, who have you tried to contact? You never tried to contact me, but then again I haven't had a stock motor for over a year but I'd ran you a long time ago no doubt, I was able to run quite a few cars with my old setup. There are PLENTY of guys who would run you at the airstrip events, you really should attend one.
I'm not gonna say who I PM'd on here lol but lets just say only one guy was down and it wasn't an ESS kit. I was out of the states and traveling around for awhile while your car was on the stock motor. I was only home (meaning our area) for short periods. I'm still down to meet up though man, regardless of built motor or not. I'm more into having fun and messing around then trying to pretend my cars the fastest thing on four wheels.