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Originally Posted by mid-corner fun View Post
You're not getting an e90 M3 in TTB, sorry. Even if you're somehow re-classed which is unlikely, any upgrades will bump you up to TT3 (formerly called TTA). I hate to say this but under the current TT rules, a near-stock M3 is not competitive in any class. You can spend a lot of money and go after TT1/TT2 (former TTU/TTS) but then again there are better/cheaper ways to rule those classes.

Perhaps it's time to look into joining one of non-TT NASA races? You mentioned you have TT experience so that may be the next logical step.


You seem very confident Greenbaum would never have me dyno re-classed to TTB (from TTB**). You may be right but I have an email into him on this topic now. Assuming I cannot, I wholeheartedly agree I could never be competitive in TTB and do not care to make the investment to compete in TT3.

You also say, even if I were dyno re-classed, any upgrade will bump me up to TT3. Why do you say this? My question is not intended to be argumentative but, truly, to learn why you believe this. Maybe there is a reason that I don't know? If was re-classed into TTB, I would do the following:

6 Pts..........AST Coilovers (inverted)
13 Pts........BFG R1 265/35/18 (or Hoosier R6s 285/35/18 for 12 pts).

Total Points = 19pts (or 18 Pts)

If I was allowed to do this, do you still think the car would be inherently uncompetitive? If so, please explain. I'd want to know so I don't make the mistake of buying an expensive uncompetitive car. I know for a fact some near stock cars can be competitive in TT (e.g., the BRZ/FRS in TTD and a '10 GTI in TTE, which set two track records at Gingerman and Road America last year).

Lastly, as for going back to W2W (since I have already done Spec Miata with SCCA and Midwestern Council), that is just not practical for me right now. However, I appreciate the idea. My buddy is the Race Director for Spec e30 in the Midwest and he is constantly on my ass to get in.

Once again, thank you for your advice and thoughts.

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