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Originally Posted by Levi View Post
Because I'm an Alfista. Unfortunately there was no RWD Alfa, and the 159 replacement which is to be RWD was and is continuously postponed. At the time I bought it, I was thinking about a 120i or 125i Coupé, not 135i Coupé.
Anyway I followed the FT-86 Project since its beginning, and already had this car in mind. If I woudn't go be studying, I'd now be driving a GT86.

I am sure that for the price of the Alfa 147 you could have found a fine RWD car, namely a Miata or better still a Toyota MR2.

Originally Posted by Levi View Post
I'd now be driving a GT86. 4C will be more expensive.

Yes. The 4C uses the still expensive composite carbon fibre material which without doubt it's the future for stiff and lightweight chassis as the costs begin to go down with cheaper technology in the manufacturing process.