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Oh...give me a break re Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton has got to be one of the most overrated drivers in F1. He may yet turn out to be a great, but so far he has only 1 WDC - exactly the same number as JV, Button, Mansell and a bunch of others - yet somehow he's made out to be in the same league as Senna and Prost. Plus he's been fortunate to drive for MacLaren his entire F1 career, so obviously his stats will look far more impressive than someone like JPM or Jenson who had to spend time driving for lesser teams. Just look at Jenson's stats from 09-12 and for the four years prior to it.

As for JPM being beaten by Kimi in their 1.5 what, Hamilton was destroyed by Button in 2011 and was within a few points of LH in both 2010 and 12. And in case you don't remember, Massa beat Kimi in 08 and was leading him again in 09 until the accident. So both Massa and Jenson who you seem to think fall in the same class as JPM/JV have outscored your greats - Kimi & Lewis - while driving alongside them in the same team.

Oh and speaking of '08, if ever there was a driver who...I hate to say this...but 'lucked' into a F1 title, it has to be Lewis Hamilton. If only Timo Glock had managed to keep his car on track through one more corner, it would be Massa who we would hailing as the '08 WDC and not Lewis Hamilton

In fact, the similarities between JV's and LH's careers are pretty similar if you think about it...WDCs while driving for a top team who then move to a lower team. The Mercedes move could very well turn out to be the start of a downward spiral in LH's career...just like the BAR move was for JV. So until the time LH proves me otherwise at Mercedes, I rate him no better than JV or JPM.

But again, this is just my opinion and yours obviously we just need to disagree here.