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Thank you for the advice. I agree a bone stock e90 would get raped by starting in TTB**. However, under NASA TT Rule 6.5, a car can be dyno re-classed into a different base class. I have specifically confirmed this with the National TT Director and know a guy with a 350Z who was re-classed into TTD* from TTC. Thus, if the car comes in at about 3,700 lbs plus 150 lbs for me (with a stock engine), I believe I can be dyno re-classed into TTB or TTB*. Assuming that is true, do you believe the e90 M3 can be competitive with AST coilovers and Nitto NT-01s 255s in TTB* or Hoosier R6 265s in TTB)? Thank you in advance for your thoughts...
You're not getting an e90 M3 in TTB, sorry. Even if you're somehow re-classed which is unlikely, any upgrades will bump you up to TT3 (formerly called TTA). I hate to say this but under the current TT rules, a near-stock M3 is not competitive in any class. You can spend a lot of money and go after TT1/TT2 (former TTU/TTS) but then again there are better/cheaper ways to rule those classes.

Perhaps it's time to look into joining one of non-TT NASA races? You mentioned you have TT experience so that may be the next logical step.