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Originally Posted by PKizzle View Post
JV may not be a legend along the lines of Senna, Prost and MS but he is a F1 WDC for crying out loud. Anyone with even a single F1 win is a good driver and all F1 WDCs are great drivers and ARE the cream of the F1 crop. Dismissing a F1 WDC as having lucked into his title is just disrespectful of the whole championship.

JPM is multiple race winner and was a contender for the 2003 WDC and had he not had that run-in with Rubens at Indy '03, could well have been the one vying with MS for the '03 title instead of Kimi. JPM WAS the Hamilton of that, a bit erratic and prone to mind fades, but always very fast and a contender in any car. minor detail...JV and JPM also happen to be one of the very, very few drivers to have won both the Indy 500 AND the CART championships, in addition to their multiple F1 victories.

Yet you seem to think Hamilton is a great driver, but JPM and JV are not.

Presume you've been watching F1 for only the last few years, know nothing about it's history, and really don't have a clue what you're talking about.
You actually believe JV and JPM are of the same caliber as Hamilton?

I never said Villeneuve or Montoya can't drive. Of course they can. They are certified racing drivers. What I said was that they are nothing special when compared to other F1 drivers.

Yes, JV was big time lucky to get into a Williams that was light years ahead of the competition in pace and reliability. That's how he got 2nd place in 1996. And he also won in 1997 for the same reason, in addition to also having a weak teammate that year. Soon after that, his career spiraled down into oblivion and he spent the rest of his F1 career in the midfield or even at the back of the grid, never to make any further impact. Villenuve is more like the Jenson button of his era. An ok driver who was in the right place at the right time to capitalize on a massive stroke of good luck and translated that into a WDC.

As for Montoya, give me a break. He only won 7 races in 6 seasons. That's an average of just over one race win per season, not exactly legendary. M. Schumacher won more than that many races in one season. So he was a championship contender in 2003, so what? even the likes of Webber or Massa were championship contenders. Montoya got totally outraced by Raikkonen in the 1.5 seasons they spent at Mclaren, before he went off to nascar. He's an ok driver, but not even close to being one of the elites of F1.